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Veronica is a qualified:

NLP Practitioner & Coach. Hypnotherapist Practitioner. Theta Healer Practitioner.

Reiki Master/Teacher and Timeline Practitioner. She is also an Author, logging

her wealth of infinite knowledge and wisdom gained over 40 years.


NLP Practitioner & Coaching: Helps you to understand your representational view of the world and how you've perceived and processed your life's experiences. Denoting in health issues, blocks, emotional or mental insecurities that's affected your well being, or performance, of how you achieve or perceive your dreams or goals. Understanding who you are? Perfecting your gifts, skills or abilities to become your greatest self.

Hypnotherapist Practitioner: Hypnosis to help you overcome Phobias, Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Fears. Weight loss issues, Drinking or Smoking additions, Insomnia. and much more. Empower the self to be the best you can be, with motivational techniques to promote confidence, courage, conviction, determination, focus and so much more.

Theta Healer Practitioner: An incredible healing modality that allows the client to self heal and motivate self to succeed by connecting to their unique power within. This is the power of creation that resides within us all. Theta Healing reconnects us to our collective conscious state and power of intention that enables us to understand and overcome our problems, whether physically, mentally emotionally or spiritually. Theta Healing is a life changing experience that you will implement within the different aspects of your life, for the rest of your life.

Reiki Master/Teacher: Reiki is extremely powerful, yet a gentle energy that can be just channeled by the power of intention. Veronica offers Reiki Healing sessions, and is a Reiki Teacher, teaching others the art of becoming a Reiki Practitioner, achieving Reiki Level 1. 2 or 3.

Timeline Practitioner: Clearing the past or present issues or trauma. Planning and setting goals for the present or future, on a timeline.

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